Human Rights Without Frontiers, Nepal is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization. It was established in 2001 having aim to help citizens to protect their human rights and freedoms. It is dedicated to promote a culture where human rights, democracy, peace, rule of law and press freedom exist according to the international standard and practice. It has combination of lawyers, gender experts, peace educators,
anthropologists, human rights defenders, researchers etc. It is a dynamic organization dedicated to materialize democratic process and culture of peace though protection, promotion and respect of human rights by planning and implementing advocacy, education, conflict resolution, networking, collaboration and capacity building.
Apart from general human rights protection and promotion, the primary focus of HRWF Nepal is to advocate on behalf of vulnerable women, children, displaced and disappeared people and other socially and culturally marginalized section of the society because they are main cause of conflict.

The promulgation of terrorist and disruptive activities, the control and punishment measures of the government have further suspended the fundamental rights of citizens guaranteed by the constitution of the kingdom of Nepal. It has been working with commendable manner responding aftermath of February 1st 2005 crisis. Since then, it has confronted with problems when conducting its activities to protect and promote human rights in Nepal.

It co-ordinates with different local civil societies and social organizations as well as governmental bodies. It has been playing a significant role in disseminating information through training workshops and visiting different places. HRWF Nepal is capable to conduct various training activities on human rights issues. Till now,
numbers of people have participated in various programs and activities. They have shared their feelings and opinions and have planned for future activities on human rights awareness.